Thursday, 30 August 2012

Second Scarf

 SCARF 178cm x 22cm.

The second scarf, woven from the same yarn but a much darker shade-set with browns through to purple at the top end of  its colour spectrum.
Woven closer to a balanced weave than the first one, it has blocks of loop yarn woven in every other pick to fill the spaces.

I have woven an additional piece to use to make a matching hand/clutch bag.  I have bought a brass clutch frame to do this.

Friday, 24 August 2012

Finished Scarf

I need a model to wear it for a photo - looks a bit silly on me !!

Thursday, 23 August 2012

How Hot is Hot?!!

So hot, I had to turn off the Octado control box - its 40 degrees here and the solenoids were overheating and not delivering enough power to activate the piano keys !!!!! Phew!!!!!

Heatwave for 10 days. Too hot to work, so weave!

3 metre warp of 'Sonata' yarn in browns - a soft, brushed wool/mohair/acrylic yarn with a lurex thread throughout. Plus 8 fancy warp threads.

 Warped and ready to go. I have started to run these 3 metre warps over the back , down to the bottom second beam before returning, upwards to the main beam ( with the sectional warp bars still in place. This way I can get 3 metres of warp onto the loom with only one turn on the beam...makes getting an even tension a breeze, especially with these fancy yarns with different  elasticity.
 The first half metre woven. Using a very open weave to maintain the warp stripes visibility (using the Sonata in the weft as well).  The fancy felt flags have to raised by hand as they get woven in. I am also weaving in a mesh ribbon yarn (I discovered it in the local bric-a brac shop in Riberac) which snakes its way over the surface on the entire length. It can be twisted (or not) to make it scallop when it opens out.

Detail of the mesh ribbon and the open weave