Thursday, 25 June 2015

IT'S ON! Marian Stubenitsky's 4 Colour Double Weave Workshop, Dordogne, France, May 2016

Workshop Participants are:
Margreet Ward
Jane Flanagan
Alison Daikin
Jane Deane
Kathryn Rudy
Sam Hayden
Gill Back
Lauren Back

Reserves;  Belinda Rose, Pat Griffiths

Multi colour double weave Echo Irridescence scarves based on Marian Stubenitsky's Dordogne workshop

 Two Tencel scarves based on the threading used in Marian Stubenitsky's workshop held here in my Studio May 6-9 this year

4 colour warp in 8/2 Tencel with two weft yarns - Tencel and colcolastic (cotton with a lycra thead)

The right hand one uses black Tencel and red colcolastic.

The one on the left is black tencel with light blue colcolastic

It weaves both pockets and integrated weave. Wet finishing produces block ribbing due to the contraction of the lycra - 40cm wide on the loom and 22cm finished.

The Drawdown in WeaveIt!

Friday, 5 June 2015

Echo and Irridescence Workshop by Marian Stubenitsky held here in my studio on 6-9 May 2015

The workshop was a great success and enjoyed by all.
Thanks to Marian for delivering such an interesting workshop and keeping us all on-task.
Thanks too to all the lovely new people I met (and the not-so-new  lol) and learned so much from.
Everyone except Agnes (behind the camera) on the last afternoon

Margreet in the spotlight!
As well as the weaving it was a great social occasion with everyone getting on so well; a good job really as we were together from breakfast until the wine ran out late at night!

A few images of the workshop