Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Echo Double Weave Project Retrospective

Photos of the project whilst on the loom and the finished 6 metre roll of yarn.

Half the woven length used a weft pairing in Burgundy and Gold Tencel (which can be seen as the fabric under the front beam), whilst the other half produces a lighter complimentary shade using Red and White Gold yarn.

Close up detail. The random changes in the lift ratio in the tie up break up the uniformity of the pattern by introducing patches of colour where the ratio suddenly changes.

The textural effect of the plain weave areas amongst the 2:2 twill is one I particularly like as they coincide with the areas of colour change.

The finished article - the lighter shade is on the left. This will be made into framed panels to form a vanity screen. I will post pics of the finished project when it's done......but as my woodworking workshop resembles the aftermath of a gas explosion, it 'aint going to be any time soon :-(

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