Saturday, 28 February 2015

A Double Weave Wall Hanging is Next. Designed with Photoshop and WeavIt Based on Marian's 4 colour Double Weave.

Basic 4 colour drawdown
I have finished the design for the next piece - 70cm x 70cm panel. The design is called  'A Sea of Smiles'  and is based on a drawing of smiling lips I made in Photoshop.

It's going to be the decorative 3-part, centre piece wall hanging for the new studio room using the basic design, it's lift plan inversion and the inversion with an additional high-contrast weft colour to highlight a row of 'smiles'

It's inversion with the contrast  colour
Its a 24 shaft echo 2 double weave. The design line generated in Photoshop was networked to create the parallel threading - i.e echo 2 with an interval of 12.

Warp is Plum and White whilst weft is Black with White Gold. All in 8/2 Tencel,840 ends @ 13epcm.

Though designed on 24 shafts, ends 95-167 (which represents the second block from the right, a block using only shafts 1-4) are actually threaded onto shafts 25-28 and assigned their48 treadle tie up plus an extra 4 treadles of 3/1 twill.  
This allows me to choose to weave a third layer, using just this block, in a fourth weft colour - it produces a quasi-overshot block. The placing of this block will make one single focus point in the design (the weaving software doesn't allow me to show this)

Options for overall colour scheme.

Black with Burgundy and below it Black with Moss Green.

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