Monday, 11 July 2011

An 8 Shaft Overshot Solution for "The African Queen"

Horse riding it's already over 30C so its weaving in the cool today.
I have been researching the options for the basic pattern for the "African Queen" and have been exploring overshot as an alternative to a 3/1 twill. I will need to use all 8 shafts to get an overshot pattern with sufficient "curves" rather than blocks or stripes, so I wil need to rethink how I can get the second, seperate warp for the dress. But as the overshot option is ideal for weaving-in the body and head without over-filling the weft with the additional yarn, I think it is the best solution...especially when this one turned up............
...for me it evokes the background on the original beautifully and will be stunning when full size woven in a shiny, glowing yarn.

I do have a solution for the second warp: my loom is to be renamed a "Dectado"! I am adding 2 shafts to the rear of the castle dedicated to the second warp beam, which conveniently for this problem, comes off the back several centimetres higher on the Octado; then by using the mechanical dobby shaft selection pedal (which is fitted but unused when the computer dobby is in use) to select shafts 9&10, I can then do a seperate plain weave.

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