Tuesday, 24 June 2014

My Clients Shadow Weave Shawl

Finished the second of the shawls I wove using the shadow weave drawdown.

It's in a finer yarn than the first one so is lighter and more appropriate for summer use.

This one's destined for a client who saw Gail's in burgundy and grey.

34/4 Tencel in lavender and black, 200cm x 60cm
Sett 9epc woven at 10ppc

Selvages double threaded 4 heddles - 40/100 reed threaded 2,2,3,2,2

Saturday, 21 June 2014

24 shaft Echo 4 Iridescence Panel Design

Schizophrenia revisited.
I have had a design idea for a couple of years, which I tried to work out for overshot which I called 'Schizophrenia'. I never managed to work out how to weave it satisfactorily, so I thought I would try echo weave. The original design idea was based on the fMRI brain patterns of patients which were then turned into music (sonification). I looked again at the scans and the design here is what I have come up with.
Here is the link:- 

Echo 4 on 24 shaft, 4 colour warp 800 ends
x18 wrap
Threading and treadling are on a 3/1 network; one treadling repeat is 1920 picks.

Hoping to use it  for  two 60cm x 150cm wall panels, and either changing the warp colour for each panel or alternatively, wrapping the lift plan to change each panel; a second evocation of its inception of 'schizophrenia'.

Wrapping x 12 does a full inversion of the colours. This is a wrap of  x18. (right) emphasising the orange and green echo's more.

This is quite a clever technique when visualised in lift plan mode as, though these are two repeats of the same threading design line, by wrapping the threading, you can merge the left hand pattern  seemlessly into the right giving the impression of just one pattern.
I have managed to do this with quite a few design lines; the key is getting the horizontal wrapping correct before doing the threading repeat - you have to get the two to overlap.

Monday, 16 June 2014

Even The Sky Isn't The Limit......or is it?

I have had this photo of the Helix Nebula taken from the Hubble telescope in my projects file for a couple of years now. 
Helix Nebula- Eye of God
When I saw the book on echo weaves and iridescence I thought this might be the route to weaving, not only this inspiring image, but to be able to interpret the many hundreds of other galaxies and nebula for which there are now images.
This technique seems ideal to reproduce the iridescent nature of the colours and the way they blend and echo. Maybe Photoshop can create the patterns and liftplans; maybe I can find a suitable threading that, when combined, produces the combination I need to replicate these amazing images - we will see; the biggest problem I can see at the moment is controlling the float lengths in the warp.

So this is going to be one of the directions for my off-loom designing and experimentation ove the next 12 months leading up to the workshop by Marian in May: Objective - maybe if I crack it, to have an exhibition next Summer on the theme of  Space.

Monday, 9 June 2014

Our Day Out at The Marche Des Tisserandes and Expo

Miroir, Miroir - as the french deemed it should be seen ;-)
Seven Swans
We had a fantastic day out and the chateau was at its most resplendent on a perfect sunny June day.

There were a wide range of textile media exhibited this year and here are a few of my favourite woven pieces.

Three Short Stories
The String and the Pebbles
Pentecost week-end is the weaving exhibition and this year I exhibited a piece or the first time. We had a fantastic day out, met up with Julie, the artist whose painting I have been asked to interpret, and the chateau was at its most resplendent on a perfect sunny June day. There were some amazing things for sale which really stimulated the imagination and gave me some great ideas.

We were a little miffed that the expo committee chose to display my piece as just the three boards side-by-side, omitting the lovely gnarled wooden staff and missing the point entirely that they were placed at different heights and angles. Kind of negates the concept of an art exhibition when the numpty that hangs them gets to decide a carefully selected component is superfluous on the basis that the piece didn't fit the fixings she was given.....clearly the French should never be given
Snow White and the Seven Dwarves
Henry Moores 'King and Queen' to exhibit, as they would saw off the bench they are sat on because the light fitting in the room hung too low!

My favourite is called 'The String and the Pebbles'

I loved this one too, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. You needto see it really as its not well represented in a photo....simple but nice concept.