Monday, 2 February 2015

Echo Double Weave Project

This is what I have been working on since late summer. The project is finished, in that 6 metres of material is off the loom and ready to be made into panels for the vanity screen.

This is the technical information for the project. It's based on "Echo and Iris".


Weave Structure: Double Weave: Plain + 2:2 Twill with Basic Ratio of 10:2 and Plain Weave Design Elements
No. of Shafts; 24
Category: 4 Colour Double Weave
Threading: 500 ends advancing threading - Echo 2 with offset 12
13epcm (6.5epcm per layer)
Treadling: Advancing diagonal treadling. 364 pick repeat. Each repeat is advanced x2 (wrap x2) repeated 12 times giving total of 4732 picks.

Yarn 10/2 Tencel woven 16ppcm

File Location: Double Weaves/myfirstproject/projectinformation/

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