Tuesday, 24 February 2015

A Scarf Called 'Warped by Design' :-)

4 colour double weave Echo 2 interval 12. Plain weave
 and 3/1 twill with a heavily modified 6:6 lift ratio
From an uneasy first impression as a sample, I am so pleased with this design I am actually sad that it marks the end of the 10 metres of warp, as I still have so much more I can do with that particular tie up.

With all of the quirks designed into this pattern, I think this has to be the representative piece of "Warped By Design" 

As I had only 1.8m metres of useable warp left, I decided to make a scarf so I hemstitched the beginning and end, so had a finished scarf when cut off.

The curve effect is a break in the progression
of the treadling; the treadling is wrapped forward
by 10 treadles and it's direction reversed.
I love the illusion of the curve-lines cutting across, now that it's not just a single repeat of the diamond.

This approach to colour choices is also something I am going to use for the next double weave project: having just one colour in the warp (the second being white) and one colour in the weft (the second being a grey) produces a full range of shades with no chance that is subtle but still striking.

The final pattern repeat with its own echo.

I have a dislike of symmetry that borders on phobic!! And this is, after all, an echo weave; so I designed it with the last pattern repeat having it's own 'echo', by skipping back 150 picks on the treadling. When worn each end of the scarf is slightly different.

Close up of the final pattern repeat with the echo in the pattern

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